Jameson has been building multisignature Bitcoin wallets for 4 years, first at BitGo in the enterprise setting and now at Casa for individuals. Throughout this time he has been writing and giving presentations about what he has learned the hard way while trying to write robust software that can withstand both adversaries and unsophisticated end users. There is very little room for error in the crypto asset security space, thus it’s important to learn from others’ mistakes so as to not repeat them!

Course Title
Building an Enterprise Grade Bitcoin Wallet

Course Description
If you’ve read any of the popular technical books such as Mastering Bitcoin or Programming Blockchain, you probably have a decent grasp on the fundamentals of how a Bitcoin wallet works. But in practice there are a wide variety of wallets in the wild which cater to different use cases. This session will cover some of the unique considerations that must be handled when building a wallet for enterprise rather than personal use.