Why BTC2019?

The cryptocurrency revolution, starting with Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper on Bitcoin, has drawn in millions of people from around the world who recognize the value of blockchain technology. While recognizing the value is easy, learning how to leverage the technology to build your future is more difficult. That’s where BTC2019 comes in. BTC2019 is different from other conferences in that every single session is designed to teach you something useful, something that will help you build your career in the industry – this is an educational conference. It’s three days of high-quality, engaging and informative sessions that will leave you feeling knowledgeable, empowered, and ready to take on your next bitcoin or blockchain project with confidence.


BTC2019 is a follow up to the highly successful, sold-out BTC2016 event hosted by C4, the industry’s leading non-profit certification and standards organization, in Toronto, Canada. C4’s board members are thrilled to be hosting another ethical event that’s professionally useful for attendees in various fields who are enthusiastic about the potential of blockchain technology and are serious about proving their proficiency. Register now for your BTC2019 Scholar Ticket. If you’re still not sure, read the Top 5 Reasons to Attend BTC2019!


What educational tracks are available at the conference?

Basic: Are you a student or professional new to blockchains and cryptocurrencies? Learn key industry concepts like ledger-based economics, basic cryptography, bitcoin basics, and cryptocurrency commerce.

Professional: Are you a working professional currently wondering how blockchains could become a part of your career? This track is perfect for individuals working in areas like accounting, sales, marketing, education, information technology, project management, law, supply chain management, and more.

Technical: Are you a software developer or someone with a strong technical background interested in blockchain technology? Learn the programming and technical elements of bitcoin, security, smart contracts, and developing on the bitcoin and ethereum platforms with this track.

*Additionally, the 6 hour CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditor (CCSSA) workshop will be available to prepare current and aspiring security professionals to sit for the CCSSA exam. Note, the CCSSA workshop requires a special add-on ticket in addition to the regular BTC2019 Scholar Ticket.

Where can I find a current session schedule? What courses are being taught at BTC2019?

We have a schedule app available here. For additional information about teachers and their courses, go to the Teachers page and click on the photos to see bios, course names, and descriptions.

When will BTC2019 take place?

August 28th-30th. Registration begins August 27th.

Where will BTC2019 take place?

The Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Conference Center located at 13200 E 14th Pl, Aurora, CO 80011 in the awesome Aurora, CO just outside of Denver.

Is there a public transportation option?

Yes, you can take the RTD (Regional Transportation District) to travel from the airport (or anywhere in Denver) to the Peoria Station track (light rail). From there you can get a free shuttle to the Hyatt Aurora during the hours of 6:30am – 10:30pm but you MUST call the hotel in advance to make a reservation 303-365-1234.

What if I’m driving my own car?

Valet or self parking options are available. Self-parking costs $6.00 per day / $9.00 overnight.

When will BTC2019 take place?

August 28th-30th. Registration begins August 27th.

Should I stay at the venue? Are there discounted hotel rooms for BTC2019 attendees?

Yes and yes! Staying at the Hyatt will make it easy for you to attend the sessions and connect with other attendees. We have a limited number of discounted rooms available for our group, use this link to get our special rate.

Can I pay for my ticket in crypto?

Yes. We currently accept bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and ether (ETH).

What does my ticket include?

The ticket gets you access to all master class level teacher sessions, preparation for the CBP test & ability to earn CBP certification, admission to the Networking Reception, participation in prize competitions, and you’ll be able to meet select teachers for photo ops. Lunches are provided each day of the conference as well as light refreshments throughout the event.

I’d like for my employer to pay for me to attend BTC2019, how should I ask?

We created a guide to help you pitch your employer on paying for you to attend the event. You’ll find it here.

My company wants to send our entire blockchain team to BTC2019, are group discounts available?

Group discounts are available as follows:


5-9 tickets: 10% off of the current ticket price

10-14 tickets: 15% off of the current ticket price

15+ tickets: 20% off of the current ticket price


Discounts aren’t limited to companies, if you want to get 5 friends together you’ll get the discount too! Contact tickets@blockchaintraining.org to purchase group rate tickets.

This is an educational conference, is there an exam?

Many of the basic track sessions are geared towards preparing you to become a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) and that exam cost and certification are included in the ticket price. You can choose to take the exam on site or at home, or not at all. It’s up to you.

Will I be able to take the exam after the conference?

Yes, you can take the test up to 6 months after the conference.

What is the Certified Bitcoin Professional designation and why is it valuable?

The Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) designation verifies an individual’s blockchain and cryptocurrency proficiencies in six key areas: history of money and ledger-based economics; basic cryptography; bitcoin basics; mining; wallets, clients and key management; and bitcoin commerce. CBPs are able to apply Bitcoin technology to their professional area of expertise and understand privacy aspects, double-spending, and other issues that relate to the currency. Learn more about the CBP.

What is the CCSSA and why is it valuable?

Currently there are very few ways to corroborate an individual’s blockchain and cryptocurrency proficiencies, especially in the area of security. That’s why C4, the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency certification organization, has created the CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditor (CCSSA) designation. Certified auditors will be able to independently verify company’s claims of building systems to CCSS Level 1, 2, or 3. Learn more about the CCSS and the CCSSA workshop.

The ticket price is more than I can afford, do you have a scholarship?

We sure do! You can apply for a scholarship here.

What if my plans change and I can’t attend the event? What is your refund policy?

We understand sometimes plans change. If something comes up and you’re no longer able to attend BTC2019, email us a refund request at tickets@blockchaintraining.org with your ticket number and/or payment receipt by midnight on August 18th and we’ll issue a refund in the currency paid.

Where can I see the schedule and schedule changes?

Take a look at our most recent schedule to see confirmed sessions. You can see detailed course descriptions including the primary audience, technology, and what you’ll learn by hovering over the session name. The exact dates and times of sessions aren’t confirmed yet because we’re continuing to add sessions until August 1. The schedule will be finalized the week before the conference begins and you can begin adding sessions to your sched profile then!

I’ve heard harassment often happens at tech conferences, what are you doing to ensure people feel safe?

We have adopted a standard code of conduct for tech conferences that C4 board member Andreas M. Antonopoulos requires for his appearances at other events. We are committed to creating a safe, fun, and educational event for everyone. We don’t allow people to create a hostile environment for anyone. Read the full code of conduct here. Easily identifiable, trained volunteers will be available for assistance, as well as a designated conduct officer who can assist in connecting attendees to medical personnel & makes final decisions about expulsions from the event. Anyone, including teachers or staff, found in violation of the conduct policy will be asked to leave immediately without a refund. We prioritize a peaceful, distraction-free learning environment.


What if I don’t want to be photographed or on video capture at BTC2019?

We understand that your privacy is important which is why we offer a special “Do Not Photo/Video” lanyard for our attendees who would like to remain anonymous. While we can’t prevent full capture of your likeness in every room which is filmed, you will not be approached by our photo/video technicians if you choose to wear this lanyard.

Can I get a media pass to conduct interviews and cover the event?

Please fill out our form for press pass inquiries. 

I want to bring a friend to the Networking Reception but not the conference, is this possible?

Sorry, only registered scholars at BTC2019 can come to the Networking Reception.

I’ll need special accommodations, is this event accessible to differently abled people?

We will work to offer modifications to suit your needs. Reach out to accommodations@blockchaintraining.org and we’ll be happy to assist.

Why does your website look like its from the early 2000s?

This website is ‘sooooo 2016′ and that’s because we re-used the website from 2016. We spent the ‘fancy website’ money on building a better event and recruiting better teachers. Enjoy your flashback!

Where do I go if I misplace something during the event?

We’ll have a lost & found area set up for attendees to retrieve misplaced items.

Oh no, BTC2019 is the same weekend as Burning Man, what do I do?

Burning Man will always be there but #LearningMan has far less playa dust to remove from your gear. And there’s nothing like that natural Rocky Mountain High to keep you refreshed while others sweat it out in the desert. Insulting the copywriter responsible for this answer is against our code of conduct. 😉

I don’t see my question here. Who can I ask?

Ask us (almost) anything at contact@blockchaintraining.org.