Adam B. Levine is a speaker, entrepreneur and bitcoin evangelist. Founder of the long running Let’s Talk Bitcoin! show, and CEO of Tokenly, he spends his time exploring advanced technology as a means to create solutions for previously unsolvable problems.

Course Title
Identifying Token Types (for Beginners)

Course Description
These days it seems like everybody is excited about tokens, whether bitcoin or their favorite ICO.  Although technologically very similar, the actual “why” of people using tokens, and how those explanations fit into today’s reality, is not obvious or simple even to those who have been paying attention for years. In this class, we’ll go through the history and genesis of different token use-cases, how they were viewed at the time of introduction, and what we’ve learned about them since.

We’ll talk about the history of, and differences in form and function between cryptocurrencies and digital asset tokens like bitcoin, altcoins, metacoins, ICOs, DAOs, Utility Tokens, STOs.  By the end of the session, you will have a clear idea of what all of these things are and how people use them, both currently and historically.