Andrew has decades of programming experience, and distinguished himself early on by earning awards from both TopCoder and the ACM’s International Collegiate Programming Competition. His early career was spent in a number of different areas including web services, big data, and high frequency trading on Wall St. He first got interested in cryptocurrency in 2015, gaining experience developing smart contracts for financial products first at Hedgy and later at tZero/Medici Ventures. After leaving Medici, he received investment from Boost VC for his company focused on high frequency arbitrage trading, which he continues to develop today.

Course Title
Programming Ethereum Smart Contracts in Solidity

Course Description

Are you a developer with prior experience in any programming language such as Javascript, Python, C, or Java? Then this course is for you!

In this session, you will learn the fundamental differences between traditional, object-oriented programming and Contract-Oriented Programming. We will review examples so you gain an understanding of basic concepts, followed up by hands-on coding.

You will leave understanding the basics of smart contract programming in solidity and some common pitfalls.