I am a mom, a data wrangler, and dapp developer helping to create blockchain solutions in crop science, the media industry and children’s education space. My professional background includes radio, television, BI development and distributed ledger technology. I also help host the Women of Blockchain in Atlanta to help encourage women interested in blockchain to participate in emerging technology. I have helped organize and am working with various state legislators, leaders, enterprise businesses and communities building the Georgia Blockchain Coalition while leading dAppHacks Hackathon and Atlanta Blockchain Week each year.

Course Title
Bitcoin Core vs. Libra Core

Course Description
More mainstream global money movements are on the rise, flowing through a mix of blockchain-era stable-money services that operate along a centralization-to-decentralization spectrum. During this session we will look under the hood of Bitcoin core and compare it with the new cryptocurrency of Facebook’s Libra core software client.

Scholars will learn the fundamentals of Bitcoin Core and gain a greater understanding about Libra Core’s validator nodes and governance model.