Charley is a creative executive building value at the intersection of human behavior and technology. He uses design alchemy to persuade, inspire and enroll. For the last 20-years, Charley has lead teams of designers and developers building digital products and communications for Fortune 500 clients such as Adobe, Microsoft, Charles Schwab, Comcast, Disney and Lucas Film. He is now keen to use his design and blockchain technology experience to help democratize the burgeoning energy transition.

Course Title
Clash of Expectations: Blockchain Products and Usability

Course Description
Blockchains are a new technology built on unique interactions, yet many people using this technology are bringing conventional expectations. The end result is confusion – a confusion deep enough to prevent mainstream adoption.

In this session co-taught with Kate Garrigan, we will review 10 of the top UX heuristics and compare them to blockchain products today. We will review the good, the bad and the ugly of user experience in blockchains, and what individuals can do to promote a good user experience going forward.

Students will learn what expectations users have when coming to blockchain products like wallets, Web3 Wallets, and exchanges and how to best implement a smooth user experience to meet these expectations.