We’re excited to spotlight some of our BTC2019 teachers this year, and today, we’d like to introduce you to Davi Barker. Davi will be teaching “Branding Bad: Branding in the Blockchain Space.” Check out our chat with Davi to learn more:

How did you get involved in your subject area & why are you passionate about teaching it?

My father is a successful graphic designer, and I’ve had a passion for art my whole life. Branding, like poetry, or propaganda is fundamentally about conveying more with less.

Why do you think certifications and standards are important in the blockchain industry today?

I don’t have a certification, and don’t know a lot about them in the blockchain space. To me the advent of blockchain technology has been wildly successful liberating people from the bureaucracy of the legacy financial system. To whatever extent the blockchain industry constructs new bureaucracy, I would hope that it be significantly more efficient, and not a barrier to entry.

Why have you decided to teach a session at #BTC2019?

I possess an expertise that was hard earned outside the blockchain space and is often overlooked inside the blockchain space. The way I see it, the space as a whole is better equipped if they aren’t failing in this area.

We’re looking forward to attending Davi’s master class at BTC2019! Make sure to join us by getting your tickets here.