We’re excited to spotlight some of our BTC2019 teachers this year, and today, we’d like to introduce you to Hunter Albright, PhD. Hunter will be teaching “Developing Your Distributed Business Model.” Check out our chat with Hunter to learn more:

How did you get involved in your subject area & why are you passionate about teaching it?

I got involved in with blockchain based on my teaching and research in entrepreneurship and cybersecurity at the University of Colorado. With over 20 years experience working with global bank brands (Barclays, Visa, MasterCard, HSBC, and others) and having been on the MasterCard Europe board, I understand the disruption opportunity that exists. Furthermore, I am super excited by the cross disciplinary nature of the challenge. Where else do you get to integrate cryptography, economics, product development, governance, and entrepreneurship in one area? Fun times ahead!

Why do you think certifications and standards are important in the blockchain industry today?

In order to create a larger movement, it will be important for people to 1) be rowing in the same direction and 2) have confidence that what they build will integrate and be leveraged by the rest of the community. I believe that certifications and standards can and will play a key role in enabling these goals.

Why have you decided to teach a session at #BTC2019?

I am excited to help share, learn, and build a larger group of people who can design, build, and implement the applications of the future. I believe that blockchain as a technology has such great potential but significant experimentation is still required for us to best understand how to develop remarkable global applications. I look forward to being part of this process and contributing where I can.

We’re looking forward to attending Hunter’s master class at BTC2019! Make sure to join us by getting your tickets here.