Janine is a voluntaryist and researcher on a variety of topics, including privacy, information security, decentralised networks, surveillance versus sousveillance, counter-economics, Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies, and whistleblowing. She is currently experimenting with a model for open-source, censorship-resistant online investigation called revision-controlled journalism.

Course Title
Bitcoin Privacy: On- and Off-Chain

Course Description
This session will be composed of three topics: 1) On-chain privacy attacks and how to thwart them, covering topics like address re-use, wallet fingerprinting, CoinJoin, etc. 2) Off-chain privacy attacks and how to thwart them, covering topics like personal data collection, traffic analysis, Dandelion, etc. 3) The current state and consequences of financial privacy or lack thereof.

You will learn about ways your financial privacy can be attacked while using bitcoin and what tools or techniques you can use to prevent or lessen the impact of these attacks. Attacks and solutions will be explained as simply as possible to fit a beginner audience, though some examples will be more advanced than others. Scholars will walk away with a better understanding of how to protect their financial privacy while using bitcoin.