Jon is the COO of ShapeShift, has been in the crypto space since about 2012, and helped grow ShapeShift from nothing to something! He has over 16 years of operations, technology, business, and project/product management relevant experience.

Course Title
Weird Stories from the Blockchain World

Course Description
The blockchain space has unique challenges that set it apart from other industries in the broader tech industry. This session taught by the COO of ShapeShift will cover a number of stories from Jon’s 7+ years involved in the crypto industry.

This session will include cautionary tales about operational security, the trials & tribulations of getting an audit for ShapeShift, how different crypto communities have handled forks & attacks on their blockchains, and the complexities of hiring talent for a crypto company.

Scholars will learn how to successfully navigate the unique challenges of this fast paced, quickly expanding industry through personally relatable anecdotes told by an industry veteran.