Jor is a pioneer in building out the ecosystem for digitizing and trading securities on the blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies. A finance and securities attorney, he is most well-known for his expertise in secured lending and alternative finance, including EB-5, venture capital, crowdfunding, and tokenized securities, including initial coin offerings (ICOs) or security token offerings (STOs). He co-founded which was the dominant accredited investor verification service in the world at the time it was acquired. A trusted consultant/adviser to technology companies primarily in regtech, fintech, and crypto, Jor has advised prominent companies such as tZERO, Polymath, and Prime Trust. Within the crypto space, he’s most passionate about securities regulations affecting tokens, identity for regulatory purposes vs privacy and anonymity, and cross-ledger or cross-chain technologies.

Course Title
Where Tokenization and Smart Contracts Fail Practical Biz & Legal Needs

Course Description
In this session, we will explore the technicalities vs practicalities of token design. It highlights the disconnect between the limitations of smart contracts and regulatory requirements and business principles.

You will learn about the general principles of corporate and securities law.  The session will highlight the limitations of smart contracts and token design, and why certain business goals or regulatory requirements are difficult or impossible to code. You will also learn about possible workarounds.