Justin is a Regulatory Compliance Analyst for DV Trading and a board member of Multidisciplinary Academic Grants in Cryptocurrencies (MAGIC). He organizes the Monero Community Workgroup and the Monero Defcon Village. He is a moderator of the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit with over 900,000 subscribers. He is extremely interested in cryptocurrency limitations, especially in the areas of privacy and security. He hosts Breaking Monero and Breaking Zcash to critically assess the limitations of these projects. He strongly believes that holding these difficult conversations is essential to improve the ecosystem.

Course Title
Institutions and Individuals Need Effective Decentralized Privacy Solutions

Course Description
This session will discuss why privacy and permissionless cash is critical to a functional open society and illustrate the difficulty in “bolting on” privacy solutions as an afterthought. This session will also provide a bird’s eye view of the technical (in)capabilities of privacy-respecting cryptocurrencies, contrasting these with more colloquial perceptions.

Scholars attending this session will learn the following:

Why privacy is a human right.
Why surveillance economies are in contradiction with open societies.
Why businesses need a private financial system to survive.
Why transaction protocols cannot easily be made private like flipping a light switch, even if they are designed from the ground-up with privacy in mind.