I fell headlong down the crypto rabbit hole in 2012 after learning about Bitcoin. Two years later I founded the Ethereum Denver meetup. This community has given me a first-row seat to the rapid growth of the Ethereum ecosystem. Over the past two years, I’ve served as a steward of the ETHDENVER hackathon, helping to educate hundreds of crypto enthusiasts from around the globe.

Professionally, my role as Head of R&D at ShapeShift centers heavily on researching blockchains and building decentralized applications. My current focus is on high-level DApp architecture and layer-2 Ethereum scaling.

Course Title
Ethereum Explained

Course Description
This session is designed to launch you into a high level understanding of Ethereum, which is known for its steep learning curve. You’ll find out what Ethereum does, how it works, how it differs from Bitcoin, and gain insight into decentralized applications that are currently running on the Ethereum blockchain. We’ll conclude with a look at the broader Ethereum ecosystem (EF, Parity, meetups, Consensys, etc.), and provide resources & recommended next steps for further learning.

Scholars will learn the following:
– The value proposition for decentralized smart contracts
– How Ethereum differs from Bitcoin
– Ethereum’s architecture (30,000-foot view)
– Examples of DApps
– Challenges facing Ethereum (Security & Scaling)
– Key players in the Ethereum ecosystem