Megan Longo is a team leader, creative problem solver, and Certified Bitcoin Professional who has been a part of the cryptocurrency community since 2012. Her early years in the space involved activism and crypto payments in retail and fundraising. In 2016 Megan joined ShapeShift to take over the customer support arm of the company. Since then she’s built a thriving in-house and international team of agents and company leaders. Some of whom moved into operational and finance roles in the company. Her teams have withstood the thrill and exhaustion of a bull market and the uncertainty that comes with a bear market, adapting in each scenario to become a stronger advocate for the customer and the company’s brand.

Course Title
Support Teams: Building the backbone of your user experience

Course Description
Attend this course to uncover an underestimated power in your organization. Customer support teams are your experts in your product, are the personalities to enamor your users, and a trustworthy source of feedback to inform the evolution of your product and user experience. A wealth of knowledge can be found when you look under the hood of how a support team operates.

Building these teams are not always so simple. I’ll walk you through some of the trials and obstacles I’ve experienced in hopes you can avoid some common mistakes. Scholars will learn how to build a trustworthy, well-oiled machine that churns out high customer retention and satisfaction.