Shayan is completing his doctoral studies in Information Systems Engineering at Concordia University with the focus on cybercrime and blockchain. He has worked in network and information systems security for several years and has extensive experience as a blockchain engineer in startups as well as contributing to open source projects. Currently he is working as the security engineer and smart contract auditor at ConsenSys Diligence.

Course Title
Smart Contract Security Auditing

Course Description
This session will cover why smart contracts are the new paradigm of software development. The idea of a serverless application running in a public ledger with open interface is new to most developers and hence common practices in traditional programming could easily result in security vulnerabilities in decentralized applications. We will also explore how implementing financial software can fail to cover smart contracts in current financial sectors.

Scholars will learn smart contract security best practices and how to think about security in the design of their decentralized applications. The second half of the session will focus on how to build smart contract specifications that are meaningful for traditional auditors and financial sectors.