Stephanie Murphy, PhD is a former biochemist who changed careers in 2013 to become a voice actor and audiobook narrator. Stephanie saw the potential of the blockchain early, and made her first bitcoin transaction in 2012. You may have heard Stephanie on one of the podcasts she hosts, including Let’s Talk Bitcoin, Proof of Love Cast, or Sex & Science Hour.

Course Title
Crypto for Creatives: How creative professionals, freelancers, digital nomads, and small business entrepreneurs can earn cryptocurrency and incorporate it into their small businesses

Course Description
There are many creative professionals, freelancers, digital nomads, and other small business entrepreneurs who do not work directly within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, but can still benefit by leveraging the power of cryptocurrency within their own small business niche. In this course specifically for small business entrepreneurs, you will be introduced to the benefits of incorporating cryptocurrency into their small business, how to use cryptocurrency for day to day small business transactions, the basics of using cryptocurrency securely in your small business, how to use multisignature systems to increase transparency and security, and much more.

You will create a personalized action plan of the first steps to incorporate crypto into your business, and learn what steps you can take today, or as soon as you return home, to get started.