Taylor Monahan is the founder and CEO at MyCrypto and previously founded MyEtherWallet. She very quickly transitioned from being a front-end developer to a security expert, usability expert, customer support expert, and more when her open-source tool turned into one of the most widely-used products in the Ethereum space.

Course Title
Finding the balance between security and usability for your blockchain or crypto product

Course Description
This course goes to the level to explore real-world, practical examples and tangible solutions for those building decentralized applications or any product in the blockchain space. Taylor will draw on mistakes she has personally made and mistakes others have made.

You will learn that one’s mindset must be different than when building traditional products due to the uniqueness of cryptocurrencies, decentralization in general, and the real value crypto assets hold. While every product is different, there are some common mistakes that we see made time and time again. Learn from past mistakes so you don’t make the same mistake yourself.