Tyler is a professional engineer in the state of Colorado who studied Engineering with an electrical specialty at the Colorado School of Mines. He has previously consulted mining firms, works as an electrical engineer for a local cooperative, and is an avid cryptocurrency miner. He is also an active member of IEEE and has advised EPRI. His passions include financial and transportation electrification, peer to peer systems, and the electrical grid.

Course Title
Cryptocurrency Proof-of-Work Mining Energy Consumption

Course Description
Much ado has been made over the energy consumption of the bitcoin network and blockchain proof-of-work mining in general. However, many sources site a single economic calculation claiming how much energy network miners could “afford” to expend. This ignores on-chain statistics that provide a more accurate physics based energy consumption estimation.

In this session, you will participate in a hands-on calculation of real time network energy consumption. Together we will calculate the network energy consumption of both indirect and direct energy inputs into various distributed networks.