How To Get Your Employer to Pay for Your
Blockchain Training Conference Ticket

Many companies allocate money for employee training but in order to get those funds employees need to “sell” their employers on their chosen program. In order to help you explain why your employer should pay your expenses to attend BTC2019, we’ve put together this guide. We hope you find it useful.

Step 1: Find Out If Your Colleagues Want to Attend Too – Get Group Discounts

BTC is offering discounts for groups of 5+. If there are others at your place of work interested in attending the conference together, connect with them and see if you qualify for any group discounts. From May 30 until tickets sell out, the following quantity discounts are available:

5-9 tickets: 10% off of the current ticket price

10-14 tickets: 15% off of the current ticket price

15+ tickets: 20% off of the current ticket price

Please contact to purchase discounted tickets for groups of 5 or more.

Step 2: Explain the Event to Your Employer 

Provide them with all of the general conference information & have a discussion together. Here are the answers to some of the basic questions about BTC2019:

What is the Blockchain Training Conference? Learn.Apply.Grow. That’s our motto and it’s also our guarantee. BTC is the leading blockchain & cryptocurrency educational conference offering professional & technical sessions which prepare you to earn the world’s first globally recognized blockchain certification. It is hosted by CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4), a non-profit which works with the community to establish industry certifications and standards. Take a look at C4’s board members & Code of Ethics here.

When and where is BTC2019? Blockchain Training Conference is proud to be hosting our 2019 event in Denver, CO at the Hyatt Regency Denver Aurora Conference Center August 28-30.

What educational tracks are available at the conference?

Basic: This track is perfect for students and professionals new to blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Learn key industry concepts like ledger-based economics, basic cryptography, bitcoin basics, and cryptocurrency commerce. Courses in this track will prepare you to take the CBP exam and become a Certified Bitcoin Professional.

Professional: If you’ve been wondering how blockchains could become a part of your career, then the professional track is for you. This track is perfect for individuals working in areas like accounting, sales, marketing, education, information technology, project management, law, supply chain management, and more. Help your company get ahead of the competition by learning about these technologies from industry experts.

Developer: Are you a software developer with a strong technical background interested in blockchain technology? Learn the programming and technical elements of bitcoin, security, smart contracts, and developing on the bitcoin and ethereum platforms by taking courses in the developer track.

Attendees can choose to attend any courses from any of the three educational tracks listed above.

In addition to the three tracks above, 6+ hour CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditor (CCSSA) workshop will be offered to prepare current and aspiring security professionals to sit for the CCSSA exam. Note, the CCSSA workshop requires payment of an additional fee and has very few seats available. The cost of the CCSSA exam is included in the workshop fee. See CCSSA for more details.

Step 3: Explain How Attending BTC2019 Can Benefit Your Company

If you’re already working for a cryptocurrency or blockchain company, attending BTC2019 is an incredible way to further your technical skills while also gaining the certification that can set your company apart in the space.

If you’re working for a company that isn’t directly involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, attending BTC2019 will help you learn the technical skills to make your company more competitive with this advancing technology. Learn how cryptocurrency and blockchains are changing industries like accounting, sales, marketing, education, information technology, project management, law, supply chain management, and more. Keep your company at the forefront of its industry with BTC’s training and certification.

Step 4: Talk about the incredible value of the ticket cost, including the option to become a certified industry professional.

How much does the conference cost? That depends on when you purchase your tickets and how many tickets you purchase. See Tickets for the current prices for both the Scholar ticket (for everyone) and the CCSSA Workshop ticket (add-on for auditors and security professionals only). Stay at the conference hotel using our group discount code to save time and money (book now, space is limited). 

What is included with the price of a ticket?

  • 16 hours of practical, educational sessions taught by industry experts.
  • Content and technical training to become a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP). This designation verifies your skilled knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.
  • The option to take the CBP exam on-site at the conference if you’d like to leave with a tangible “proof-of-work” certificate. Alternatively, you can take the exam online for up to 6 months following the event. Either way, the $135 cost of the exam is included in your ticket purchase for BTC2019.
  • Curated networking sessions, including an invitation to the BTC2019 Networking Reception on Wednesday night, which offer the opportunity to meet some of the C4 board members including Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Pamela Morgan, Michael Perklin, and Joshua McDougall, as well as the outstanding BTC2019 teaching staff and other attendees.
  • CCSSA workshop attendees will have the option to earn an additional certification and they’ll be among the first to earn the CCSSA designation in the world.

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