Why Personal Growth Through Certification Is Important

Continuing your career competency through personal development can set you up for much more than just a great job.


Albert Einstein once said, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” So what have you done lately to continue your journey of lifelong learning? Maybe you’re currently taking a course in something that you’re passionate about, reading a book to help you continue mastering a craft, or maybe you’ve found yourself watching endless YouTube videos about technology new to your field. Building an educational foundation is important in any career, but becoming a certified professional as part of your personal development can offer you so much more than just a great job. Here are three reasons to earn your blockchain certification with C4 as part of your own personal development at Blockchain Training Conference this August:

Personal development helps you set goals and expectations for yourself.
Let’s be honest- it’s important to set both personal and professional goals in life. Balance is key! The great thing about earning your blockchain certification is that you can fulfill both of these goals at once. Been telling yourself you want to master something new as a personal goal? Our curriculum at Blockchain Training Conference will help you do just that! Have you also considered upping your technological competency in your particular field? Blockchain certification will show any employer that you’re keeping up with the most cutting-edge technological advancements!

Personal development helps you build your professional brand & expand your network.
In the current world of social media, having a personal brand has become necessary to stand out in a professional crowd. Earning your blockchain certification can not only help you do just that, it also adds a stamp of credibility to your brand. You wanted to master something new and you did! Now you also have the certification to prove it. Beyond adding trustworthiness to your personal brand, blockchain certification through C4 can also help you expand your professional network. You’ll meet others accomplishing their own personal and professional goals at Blockchain Training Conference 2019, and you’ll be an official part of the C4 network after earning your CBP with us. The relationships you build with other industry professionals at BTC2019 can lead to lifelong friendships or even help launch you into your dream career.

Personal development can give you the confidence you need to start an entirely new career.
Not happy with your current role or even your current career? Wanting to make a switch to a different position or start over entirely? Today, that doesn’t require going back to school for a whole new degree. You can start getting the experience and credibility you need to jumpstart a brand new career with professional blockchain certification. There are new roles opening in the blockchain industry across fields including software development, information technology, marketing, supply chain management, law, accounting, business and more. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to start a new role or career, earning your CBP with C4 can help you do it!

C4 is a big proponent of lifelong learning, so continue your professional development journey by joining us in Denver this August 28-30 at Blockchain Training Conference. Not only will you be eligible to earn your CBP on-site or online with your ticket purchase, you can also expect to attend curated and exclusive networking events to meet other professionals. If you’re already an experienced blockchain professional, you may want to consider attending the BTC2019 workshop for CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditors, which you can learn more about here.

Meet BTC2019 Teacher Stephanie Murphy, PhD

C4 is proud to hosting Blockchain Training Conference 2019 in Denver this August 28-30. BTC is different than your average crypto conference because instead of speakers, we have teachers. This is not a conference where you’ll hear pitches on ICOs from questionable companies. Sponsors don’t get stage time simply because they’re helping pay for the event. Every course session is designed with two or more learning objectives, and every teacher cares that you learn something useful from their session. With almost 16 hours of educational content, it’s like you’re getting an entire college course, condensed into just three days. On top of all of this, you also have the chance to earn your Certified Bitcoin Professional designation onsite or online as part of your ticket purchase to BTC2019.


We’re excited to spotlight some of our BTC2019 teachers this year, and today, we’d like to introduce you to Stephanie Murphy, PhD. Stephanie will be teaching “Crypto for Creatives,” a course on how creative professionals, freelancers, digital nomads, and small business entrepreneurs can earn cryptocurrency and incorporate it into their small businesses. Check out our chat with Stephanie to learn more:

How did you get involved in your subject area & why are you passionate about teaching it?

In 2013, I made a career change from being a biomedical scientist to becoming a voice actor who specializes in medical and scientific content. I was also excited about bitcoin at the time, and from the beginning of when I started my voice acting business, I was brainstorming ways to incorporate and earn bitcoin in my business. I received my first bitcoin ever as a donation to my podcast, and that got me really excited! I began thinking of more ways to earn it, and over the years I’ve amassed a lot of practical ways to incorporate cryptocurrency into any kind of small business that I want to share with the conference attendees. There are also great reasons to acquire crypto by earning it- although this way of obtaining crypto is often overlooked.

Why do you think certifications and standards are important in the blockchain industry today?

In a new industry full of confusing jargon and rapid growth within the space, it’s hard to know who to trust- or who is even giving correct information! Professional standards are helpful to at least show that someone knows the basics and cares about building a reputation.

Why have you decided to teach a session at #BTC2019?

I’m excited to meet other small business entrepreneurs and share with them how they can grow their business and stay on top of future trends by incorporating cryptocurrency. We all benefit by sharing knowledge and not having to figure things out the hard way!

We’re looking forward to attending Stephanie’s master class at BTC2019! Make sure to join us by getting your tickets here.

4 Reasons to Earn Your Blockchain Certification at BTC2019

There are experts & then there are those with the certification to prove it.


Certifications communicate to your employer that you’re well qualified, motivated to continue mastering your career path, and that you’re focused on long-term learning. Along with verifying your expertise in a specialty, certifications can also help you find better work, earn more money or even launch you into a new career. Here are four reasons to earn your blockchain certification with C4 at Blockchain Training Conference this August:

Certification is a Stamp of Excellence:
Whether you’re currently in a blockchain or cryptocurrency related field, or you’re a working professional in an area like accounting, sales, marketing, education, project management, IT, law or supply chain management, earning your Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) with C4 tells your employers, peers and coworkers that you’re qualified. Whether you’re looking to be the expert in your field on all of the ways blockchain technology could propel or change your industry, or you’re working in crypto and want to prove you really know your stuff, earning your CBP shows people you’re a serious and verified professional.

Certifications Can Help Get You Hired:
Hiring employers want to know that you have the knowledge, experience, and certifications necessary for your field. Especially in the emerging field of blockchain technology where unfortunate scams have been commonplace, employers need assurance that their employees are competent in the most trusted solutions. By earning your CBP at Blockchain Training Conference 2019, you can make yourself very competitive for potential employers while also learning exactly what you need to know about blockchains from the world’s experts.

Earning Your Certification Could Earn You More Money:
Certifications show your commitment to lifelong learning and to your career. Both of these are qualities hiring managers tend to look for in a potential employee. You’ve proven it’s important to you to invest in yourself; now your potential employer may want to invest more in you financially. Some estimates show that having certification could even increase your salary by 10% or more so committing to your further education is worth it.

Certifications Keep You Up-to-Date:
Technology is one of the fastest growing fields globally. Earning your blockchain certification at BTC2019 is proof that you’re educated on the most current information in this space. Remaining competitive in your field can be difficult, but by earning your CBP, you can show others that you’re up-to-date on the latest blockchain technologies and regulations affecting your field.

C4 is a big proponent of lifelong learning, so keep growing your professional knowledge by joining us in Denver this August 28-30 at Blockchain Training Conference. Not only will you be eligible to earn your CBP on-site or online with your ticket purchase, you can also expect to attend curated and exclusive networking events to meet other professionals. If you’re already an experienced blockchain professional, you may want to consider attending the BTC2019 workshop for CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditors, which you can learn more about here.

Get all of the information you need + tickets for BTC2019 here. We look forward to meeting you in Denver this August!

Didn’t score tickets for Burning Man 2019?

Join us for Learning Man in Denver August 28th-30th!

Can’t make it to the playa this year? Burn down ignorance with us at BTC2019!!


Did you miss out on snagging tickets to Burning Man this year? Then join us for Learning Man, a.k.a Blockchain Training Conference (BTC2019), in Denver August 28-30! Here are just some of the things you can look forward to at BTC2019:

  • 16 hours of educational sessions at master class levels
  • Air conditioning at all times
  • Basic, Professional, and Developer tracks available
  • Return home free of playa dust on you/your belongings
  • Curated courses taught by the industry’s foremost experts
  • The Mile High City is rad
  • Option to take the Certified Bitcoin Professional exam on-site or online
  • Learning without the burning
  • Exclusive networking opportunities with C4 board members & other professionals
  • An awesome & inspiring community
  • Option to take part in the CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditor (CCSSA) workshop & exam if applicable
  • No art but lots of smarts
  • Leave certified & confident

More on BTC2019
C4 is proud to be hosting the second ever Blockchain Training Conference (BTC) Aug. 28-30 at Hyatt Regency Denver Aurora Conference Center in Denver, Colorado. BTC2019 follows the highly successful, first educational Blockchain Training Conference originally set in Toronto, Canada in 2016. Organized in partnership with aantonop Events, BTC2019’s motto is “Learn. Apply. Grow.” and it’s also our promise.

So if you can’t make it to Black Rock City this year, don’t fret. Join us in the Mile High City for BTC2019 and get your learn on. Snag your tickets here!

How to Pitch Your Boss to Send You to Blockchain Training Conference 2019

We’ve got the tips you need to talk to your manager today.


Want to attend BTC2019 and have your company foot the bill? Here are our tips for pitching your boss on why they should let you attend and pay for it:

**Step 1: BTC is offering discounts for groups of 5+. If there are others at your place of work interested in attending the conference together, connect with them so you can talk to your manager together. **

If you or your company are looking for a group ticket discount, please contact tickets@blockchaintraining.org for more information on pricing.

Step 2: Set a time to talk with your manager. Get them all of the conference information & have a discussion together. Here are some questions to talk through as a team:

What is Blockchain Training Conference?
Learn.Apply.Grow. That’s our motto and it’s also our guarantee. BTC is the leading blockchain & cryptocurrency educational conference offering professional & technical sessions which prepare you to earn the world’s first globally recognized blockchain certification. It’s hosted by CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4), a non-profit which exists to establish the industry’s cryptocurrency standards. Take a look at C4’s board members & Code of Ethics here.

When and where is BTC2019?
Blockchain Training Conference is proud to be hosting our 2019 event in Denver, CO at the Hyatt Regency Denver Aurora Conference Center August 28-30.

What educational tracks are available at the conference?

Basic: Are you a student or professional new to blockchains and cryptocurrencies? Learn key industry concepts like ledger-based economics, basic cryptography, bitcoin basics, and cryptocurrency commerce.
Professional: Are you a working professional currently wondering how blockchains could become a part of your career? This track is perfect for individuals working in areas like accounting, sales, marketing, education, information technology, project management, law, supply chain management, and more.
Developer: Are you a software developer with a strong technical background interested in blockchain technology? Learn the programming and technical elements of bitcoin, security, smart contracts, and developing on the Bitcoin and Ethereum platforms with this track.

*Additionally, the 6 hour CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditor (CCSSA) workshop will be available to prepare current and aspiring security professionals to sit for the CCSSA exam. Note, the CCSSA workshop requires a special ticket for an additional fee that includes the CCSSA workshop option.

Step 3: Discuss how their investment in you is an investment in their company. Make sure to touch on the following:

**How can attending BTC2019 benefit your company? **
If you’re already working for a cryptocurrency or blockchain company, attending BTC2019 is an incredible way to further your technical skills while also gaining the certification that can set your company apart in the space.

If you’re working for a company that isn’t directly involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, attending BTC2019 will help you learn the technical skills to make your company more competitive with this advancing technology. Learn how cryptocurrency and blockchains are changing industries like accounting, sales, marketing, education, information technology, project management, law, supply chain management, and more. Keep your company at the forefront of its industry with BTC’s training and certification.

Step 4: Talk about the incredible value of the ticket cost, including the option to become a certified industry professional:

What is included with the price of my ticket?

  • 16 hours of master class sessions taught by industry experts approved and trained by C4. That’s a value of less than $49 an hour for three days of training at our Tier 1 pricing!
  • Content and technical training to become a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP). This designation verifies your skilled knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. There are “experts” and then there are professionals with the certifications to prove it.
  • The option to take the CBP exam on-site at the conference if you’d like to leave with a tangible “proof-of-work” certificate. Alternatively, you can take the exam online for up to 6 months following the event. Either way, the $135 cost of the exam is included in your ticket purchase for BTC2019.
  • Exclusively curated networking sessions which offer the opportunity to meet some of the C4 board members including Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Pamela Morgan, Michael Perklin, and Joshua McDougall, as well as the BTC2019 teaching staff and other attendees.
  • Lunch will be provided daily at the conference and we will also have light refreshments available for you throughout the event. You’ll leave with some awesome BTC2019 swag to show off as part of your ticket purchase too!

We hope this helps you talk to your manager about attending Blockchain Training Conference 2019!