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Teachers at BTC2019 aren’t just subject matter experts, they’re also great teachers. No boring lectures that leave you checking your phone for messages. You’ll remember these information packed, engaging sessions long after the event ends. View course titles, descriptions, and teacher bios by clicking on teacher photos or the “read more” button below their social contacts. Connect directly with BTC2019 teachers by selecting the social buttons below their photos.

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Michael Perklin

C4 & CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS) Overview

Pamela Morgan

Humans Die. Cryptoassets Don’t.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Keynote Speaker: Thoughts on the Future of Programmable Money

Joshua McDougall

Performing a Key Creation Ceremony

Caitlin Long

Backwards Compatibility with the Legal System

Taylor Monahan

Balancing Security & Usability for your Blockchain Project

Amber D. Scott

Risk & Regulation

S. Dirk Anderson

Crypto in Context: How We Got to Blockchains

Stephanie Murphy, PhD

Crypto for Creatives

Ron Stoner

CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditor (CCSSA) Workshop Trainer

Kirk Phillips

Accounting for Cryptocurrencies Transactions, Tracking & Tax

Adam B. Levine

Identifying Token Types

Victoria Li

Decentralizing Decentralization

Stefan Beyer, PhD

Smart Contract Development – Security and Best Practice

Hannah Rosenberg

Bitcoin and Lightning for Commerce

Rodney MacInnes

AML & Fraud for Crypto

Tyler Bain

Cryptocurrency Proof-of-Work Mining Energy Consumption

Josh McIntyre

Visualizing Proof of Work Algorithms with MicroProcessors

Kate Garrigan

Clash of Expectations: Blockchain Products and Usability

Kevin Shiuan

Clash of Expectations: Blockchain Products and Usability

Jor Law

Where Tokenization and Smart Contracts Fail Practical Biz & Legal Needs

Jameson Lopp

Building an Enterprise Grade Bitcoin Wallet

Andrew Warshaver

Programming Ethereum Smart Contracts in Solidity

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